Why Cyprus?

…a small country with a lot to love. 

North Cyprus is a country of spectacular natural beauty, fascinating history, delectable cuisine and rich culture. North Cyprus has it all, yet, is largely untouched by the over-development and mass tourism that is so common in much of the Mediterranean. 

North Cyprus (‘Kuzey Kıbrıs’), officially the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC or ‘Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti,’ ‘KKTC’), contains the northeastern 1/3 of the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. North Cyprus extends from the Karpaz Peninsula in the northeast to Morphou Bay in the northwest. It contains the Kyrenia Mountain Range, Mesaoria plains, and over half of the entire island’s coast! Its complex history as a strategic hub of maritime trade between the East and West is evident throughout its many archaeological sites and within its bustling cities of today, reflecting the influences of the many empires which have left their mark on the island, including Assyrian, Persian, ancient Egyptian, ancient Greek, Roman, French Lusignan, Genoan, Venetian, Ottoman, and British.

The nature and culture of Cyprus is as rich as her history. North Cyprus is considered to be a relatively unspoiled biodiversity hotspot of the Mediterranean Basin, with high ecological diversity and a wide variety of terrestrial habitats. Cypriot people enjoy great sunny weather (330+ sunny days per year) for outdoor activities year-round, and an abundance of fresh local foods in every season to support a healthy, active lifestyle. North Cyprus has the lowest crime rates and lowest cost of living in all of Europe, and you will find that housing prices are 4-5 times lower than in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Southern Cyprus, or anywhere else in the Mediterranean. Cypriot people are welcoming and friendly. Local culture strongly emphasizes family, food, and enjoying life ‘in the moment” – sounds pretty ideal, right? 

Explore the Regions of North Cyprus

Kyrenia captivates…

The idyllic coastal town of Kyrenia is the home of Saint Hilarion, one of 3 cliff-top fairy-tale castles of North Cyprus, the gothic Bellapais Abbey with its panoramic views from the foothills, and the atmospheric Old World harbour with its romantic cobblestone promenade of al-fresco cafes and impressive seaside crusader fortress. With its central location on the northern coast and proximity to so many attractions, no wonder Kyrenia provides the base for most tourists’ visits to North Cyprus. It offers something for everyone with its thriving food scene and night life, active expat enclaves, a plethora of 5 star resorts and casinos, vacation villas, spectacular mountains and pristine beaches, charming traditional villages, olive groves, pine-forested hiking trails, and alluring historical landmarks bearing witness to the diverse range of ancient Empires which have coveted Aphrodite’s ‘island of love’ through the ages! 

Fun fact: Kyrenia is Greek for “mermaid” 

Did you know…
Girne American University (GAU) and the Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design are located in Kyrenia, as well as some of the best internationally-accredited primary and secondary schools following the Cambridge International Primary Programme and British National Curriculum. 

Famagusta fascinates…

On the Eastern coast of Cyprus, Famagusta has many a claim to fame among its expansive sandy beaches and gentle, crystalline sea. From the ancient Roman city of Salamis (now an extensive beach-side archaeological park) to the fortified Othello Castle with its iron draw bridge and dry moat, to the recently re-opened “ghost town” of Varosha where art-deco and mid-century modern high rise hotels loom frozen in time and exposed to the elements since evacuation in 1974, Famagusta is a living open air museum that has been heralded as the richest town in the Mediterranean more than once throughout history. Home of the deepest industrial port on the island, and of the rapidly growing Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) with its largely international student body, Famagusta sees growing appeal among buy-to-let and forward-looking investors ready to take part in the up-and-coming renaissance in Famagusta’s contemporary development and participate in the designated incentive areas. Indeed, select areas in the Famagusta region have seen the highest rate of increase in average price per square meter in the North Cyprus property market.

Fun fact: 
The Othello Castle (Othello Kalesi) of Famagusta was the setting of Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice.” The impressive citadel  was built by the Lusignans in the 14th century to guard the port town, was conquered and sacked by the Genoans, and was later restored and extensively enhanced by the Venetians.  “Othello” in real life was the Venetian governor of Famagusta in 1506 and not a Moorish military commander as Shakespeare’s character in the play. 

Did you know…

Eastern Mediterranean University, the state university of North Cyprus, is located in Famagusta. The university has undergone rapid development in recent years and shows no signs of slowing... The UK-based Times Higher Education (THE) World’s University Rankings published on October 12, 2022 reports a continuation of EMU’s momentous year-after-year rise in the rankings among 1800 universities worldwide. 

City life, Central location…

The capital city Lefkosa is comprised of several rapidly-expanding suburbs, the Cyprus International University, and the Near East University and medical campus. An hour’s drive from Larnaca International Airport and 15 minutes’ drive to Ercan Airport, Lefkosa is the busiest and most popular place to cross the UN border between North and South. The medieval citadel or “old walled city” contains the British Colonial judicial center and many landmarks of historic and architectural interest, and plenty of trendy roof-top and courtyard bars, hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, cafes, boutique and bazaars to explore. Lefkosa’s Dereboyu Avenue is the premier destination for a-la-mode shopping and adjacent neighborhoods have seen the greatest increase in property values in the city. All roads lead to Lefkosa, and yet-undeveloped plots near the newly improved highway infrastructures, growing suburbs and industrial areas can be obtained at bargain prices.  


Essentially Vacation Lifestyle… 

Following a scenic coastal drive to the east of Kyrenia, the foothills-to-seaside village of Esentepe offers a laid back, close-to-nature way of life especially popular among expats and active retirees. The town offers modern amenities and holiday clubs, active expat communities, and forested hiking trails lead from the village center into the mountains, bypassing Byzantine monastery ruins and revealing superb coastal and mountain views. The 18-hole Korineum Golf Course and tennis club is within a 10 minutes’ drive, as well as the Alagadi turtle nesting beach with its two bays of sweeping sands and curious rock formations, excellent for exploring tide pools, snorkelling, and even kite surfing. Esentepe real estate offers many new, low-rise holiday villages within walking distance to exquisite beaches, as well as new build and resale bungalows and villas.